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'Most commonly people often feel no one can relate to their experiences or things they've done. It's easy to judge ourselves, living in guilt and shame of our experiences;

this is a universal human condition.

Together, we support and provide various tools to explore your feelings in a non-judgemental manner. All at your pace, with whatever you feel comfortable to share.



Adult Counselling Services

We offer four main adult counselling services, in the form of individual, couples, group and family sessions. Each of which can be provided as a face-to-face session, online (via Skype, WeChat,  FaceTime, Zoom) or through instant messaging.

Online Counselling

Need some options: 

      Simply 'click' on 'Free Consultation' 

      to book your free initial 30 minute consultation. 

It can be hard to motivate yourself to see a counsellor. With hectic life schedules and various challenges that affect daily living, taking the time out to support your needs can be difficult to fit into your schedule.

Online Counselling via Skype, instant messaging, telephone and email provide a convenient way to explore your struggles in an environment that remains comfortable and familiar to you. It is especially useful for those with physical challenges who would struggle to meet face to face. I work with clients ranging from youths to adults in various stages of life, and most people enjoy the benefits of having the space to adjust to the counselling relationship at their own pace. 

Prefer Face-to-Face COUNSELLING?

Some people prefer the more traditional approach of face-to-face counselling, as this can be a more personal form of therapy, enabling you to confide and connect. As counsellors are trained to observe your non-verbal communication (such as, facial expressions and the way you're sitting) to get a deeper understanding of what you are feeling and saying. 

  • Ever had reservations about seeing a counsellor?

  • Feel too busy for face-to-face sessions?

  • Prefer to be 'faceless' when engaging in therapy?



Make a Booking 

Step 1 - Arrange a FREE initial 30 minute consultation

Video (via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or WeChat.)

Counselling in the comfort of your own home. You can choose to be seen via one of the above video links or unseen, using an online microphone.

Telephone (via Mobile / Home Number)

Easy to use reliable mobile technology can give you a level of anonymity, which maybe helpful in the early stages if you're new to counselling. 

Instant Messaging 

This involves typing only and gives you a level of anonymity. This is also a great option for parents who would like to recommend counselling to their children (ages 13-19).


View tailor-made programmes at:

Book a programme for 8 weeks which includes a 50-minute live instant chat per week.

Video Counselling
Telephone Counselling
IM Counselling
Programmes by Email

Schedule an initial consultation to ask any questions, discuss your requirements and decide whether this is the type of counselling support that is suitable for you. If you decide you would like to continue with our service, we will agree on a convenient time to meet for our first session. 

Step 3 - Fill out the Counselling Agreement 

Please sign the Counselling Agreement and send it back to your Counsellor before your first session. Here is a downloadable copy (PDF of the document) 

School Based Counselling Services

With Titi’s experience as an elementary school counsellor at the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) and various educational settings across the UK, she can offer bespoke guidance curriculum programmes and parenting workshops to schools and organisations.

Theraputic Sessions

  • Play Therapy (aged 3-12)           

Both of these therapeutic options are available as an individual or group sessions.

To book a session, simply click on the links (right).  

Counselling Curriculum

  • Mindfulness as a Life Skill   

  • Social Thinking             

  • Being Body Smart

       (Child Protection)                     

  • Social - Emotional Learning   

Mindfulness & Social Thinking

  • Youth Counselling (aged 9-16)   

Step 2 - Book your sessions online

Once you've had your free consultation and chosen the type of counselling you require, simply go to the Book & Pay section, where you can book a session and make a payment via the options provided. We accept bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal or YooPay (WeChat) payments

Step 4 - We can begin our sessions!

We offer face to face or online sessions. Here are some examples of online and phone based sessions:

We look forward to supporting you on your journey ahead!

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