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Parent Coaching - Example Coaching Programme

The following is an example of six key areas that a parent could be coached through in a typical programme in order to build stronger connections with their children:

In order to create some clear developmental objectives, we will first explore any common patterns in the parent-child dynamic and any coping styles that may have emerged. 

Identifying the differences between interactions that are nurturing and those that are exasperating is a key outcome of this step, with parents receiving assurance that they do not have to be perfect, but just good enough to meet the core emotional needs of their children.

(1) Understanding the Key Patterns of Current Parent-Child Interactions

(2) Connection and Acceptance

Specific ideas of how to adequately meet this emotional need will be explored. Becoming aware of the forces that drive and hinder the parents’ ability to connect effectively with their child is required before being able to start implementing some strategies and healthy habits that can result in a closer relationship.

(3) Healthy Autonomy

The focus for this stage is how to help the child develop into a separately functioning individual so that they can take a sense of security and stability, assertiveness and competence into their adult lives. In order for this to be achieved, parents will be coached through ways of helping their child develop their own motivation, become independent thinkers and problem solvers and increase their self-confidence.

(4) Reasonable Limits

In the age of social media and the increasing number of hours spent on screens, the importance of parents meeting the core emotional need of reasonable limits is more vital than ever.

Strategies for developing traits of self-control and self-discipline in the child will be formulated and healthy age-appropriate boundaries established.

(5) Realistic Expectations

It is becoming more common for children to experience increasingly high amounts of pressure to perform academically, reach an elite sporting level or achieve excellence in a host of other pursuits.

Coaching in this area supports parents to achieve a balance between work and play so that children are not made to feel that they have to attain perfection, but rather motivated and inspired by their parents to be their best.

(6) Community, Repair and Reconnect

This session explores the possibilities of longer term support and encouragement for parents by looking at existing or potential significant others who can impact the child, underpinning the concept, “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Parent Coaching Programme
Good Enough Parenting Parent Coaching
Connection and Acceptance
Understanding Key Patters of Current Child Interactions
Parent Coaching Community Repair Reconnect
Healthy Autonomy
Parent Coaching Reasonable Limits
Parent Coaching Realistic Expectations
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