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About Ben Hill


Ben Hill

Educator, Certified Counsellor and Licensed Facilitator of GEP

Since completing a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in 2002, Ben has worked in the field of education for the majority of his career, holding leadership positions both in the UK and internationally. In 2010, Ben helped to set up a flagship charity to help children in the most socially deprived borough in London realise their potential and overcome barriers to achieve success. By leading a team of 26 staff, the foundation reached over 30,000 young people a year and gained a national reputation. .

A key area of interest for Ben throughout his career has been understanding the social and emotional development of children and their ability to acquire adaptive schemas (positive thought patterns, learned behaviours, ways of processing the world). More recently he trained as a Counsellor and has enjoyed combining his educational and managerial experience with his counselling practice to provide coaching and mentoring for parents in family dynamics to help children grow to be emotional healthy individuals.


As a certified counsellor and licensed facilitator of GEP, he enjoys delivering training workshops to parents, educators, community groups and corporate organisations to help individuals reflect on their own thought patterns and behaviours and connect more effectively with others in their personal and professional lives. 

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