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About Ben Hill


Ben Hill

Educator, Certified Counsellor and Licensed Facilitator of GEP

Since completing a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in 2002, Ben has worked in the field of education for the majority of his career, holding leadership positions both in the UK and internationally. In 2010, Ben helped to set up a flagship charity to help children in the most socially deprived borough in London realise their potential and overcome barriers to achieve success. By leading a team of 26 staff, the foundation reached over 30,000 young people a year and gained a national reputation. .

A key area of interest for Ben throughout his career has been understanding the social and emotional development of children and their ability to acquire adaptive schemas (positive thought patterns, learned behaviours, ways of processing the world). More recently he trained as a Counsellor and has enjoyed combining his educational and managerial experience with his counselling practice to provide coaching and mentoring for parents in family dynamics to help children grow to be emotional healthy individuals.


As a certified counsellor and licensed facilitator of GEP, he enjoys delivering training workshops to parents, educators, community groups and corporate organisations to help individuals reflect on their own thought patterns and behaviours and connect more effectively with others in their personal and professional lives. 

About Titi


Titi Hill

BACP Registered Member

Therapeutic Approach

As part of her holistic approach, in the initial stages of consultation, Titi explores nutrition, fitness, sleep patterns/cycles and personality types. Her training as a Reiki practitioner allows her to support 'energy balancing’ and mindful practices as a way of nurturing your body, thoughts and spirit.

As an Integrative counsellor, she offers a holistic approach that includes existential, person-centred, psychodynamic, family/systems theory and cognitive behavioural approaches. These methods allow her flexibility in meeting your unique needs. Furthermore, her practice involves psychodynamic theories on how behaviour can be unconsciously motivated and how the past affects the present. Looking at your past allows her to understand stages of development and reflect on how it has shaped current experiences. 

Titi's understanding of CBT helps her in short term work, which is important for goal setting. It also informs her practice by enabling her to provide coping mechanisms to aid better functioning in social environments, enhance resilience and suggest resources to manage any future difficulties.

Fundamental to her work is the use of Intercultural therapy, which takes into account the whole being of the client and also the client's communal life experience in the world both past and present. It is important in her practice to identify the cultural assumptions from both herself and the client, to enhance the therapeutic relationship. 

Informed by existentialism she encourages an awareness of the various elements that affect a sense of freedom in this world and how it influences the choices that we make.

School Based Approach

With her experience as an Elementary School Counsellor at the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB), she can offer bespoke guidance curriculum programmes and parenting workshops to schools on topics such as: mindfulness for children in grades K -12 to improve concentration and well-being; social thinking to build social and emotional skills; child protection lessons to teach children how to respect personal space and recognise safe and unsafe touch.


Titi has lived in different countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, providing her with an insight into a range of cultures, which have helped to extend her services to a broader community. She can help address some of the issues faced by TCKs (Third Culture Kids), ATCKs (Adult Third Culture Kids) and CCK/A (Cross Cultural Kids) when transitioning from different countries. In her current work, she continues to receive regular supervision and on-going training/professional development in accordance with the BACP code of ethics.


We wish you all the best in your journey and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Titi Hill is a counsellor and psychotherapist registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP). She has a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Counselling from the University of Surrey. She has been trained in the area of mental health with the NHS in the UK and possesses over 12 years’ experience working in primary and secondary schools, youth services and adult based settings. She is trained to teach the Paws B mindfulness curriculum in schools and corporate organisations.


Titi trained as a therapist because she believes that people need a nurturing and safe place to experience empathy and acceptance when dealing with adversity. She can help you reflect on how to meet the core needs that nourish your well-being. By strengthening your inner coach and enhancing your self-esteem, she encourages you to develop effective ways to connect authentically with yourself and others.

Titi's time working in counselling services also included delivering short and long term sessions to individuals, couples and groups on issues such as: family breakdown, weight loss, bereavement, family and peer relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, diversity issues, abuse, addiction, stress and bullying.

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Counsellor & Psychotherapist Background

Bsc Integrative Counselling

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