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We Care Together

Strengthening Connections In Our Communities

Nia is passionate about equality. If she could make the world a better place there would be equal opportunities for all races and gender.  For all children, no child labour​ and access to a safe home and education.

Make a Donation - Click here to give on the JustGiving page

Nia would like to do this because everyone deserves a home​"​The world isn't equal but I'd like to change that.​ The name of my charity is my Grandma's Yoruba name (from Nigeria) "OMOLABAKE" which means: We care for children together - ​WE CARE TOGETHER 

Follow future events on her  facebook  page

Here's a video that inspires Nia 

Nia - Supports: We Care Charity - Omolabake Foundation

Adrian - Supports: Rhinosup Charity

Rhinosup charity
Adrian 2k sponsored run

Nia will be raising money from different fun events inspired by Lulu Cerone 

Click here to see her website        

Adrian & Nia Hill charity page

To make the world a better place, Adrian wants to help people have a dream and achieve it.

His motto is: Dream, Believe, Achieve

Here is an example of Adrian helping his friend achieve his dream.

Click here to visit his website

Adrian raises £820 for charity

Dear parents and friends,

We would like to invite you and your kids to a prank and movie night on the 24th of March. We are looking to raise awareness towards building a school and home in Nigeria for homeless children.

Our charity is called 'We care together'.

For the pranks, you will need to buy tickets, every prank is 5 tickets and 5 tickets are 5rmb. You can buy the tickets at the front stall.The location will be by the willow tree next to my house.

For the movie, you will be able to buy popcorn, drinks and sweets. You can buy a full pack of popcorn drink and sweets for 30rmb. The movie will be 'Coco' and it will be in the dance studio.


You can bring pillows and blankets. It will be from 2:00pm - 5: 30pm (6:00pm latest)

It would be so encouraging if you come!


Nia & Adrian

Their first event is Saturday MARCH 24th, 2018, called PRANKS & A MOVIE. 

Adrian's has his own Facebook page Rhino Hill

Click here to see a video of his 2k run to support Frankie 

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