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Good Enough Weight Loss Porgramme


The Good Enough Weight Loss Programme

You're not alone. We offer a bespoke weight loss programme, which is tailored to your lifestlye.

Good enough weight loss can take you on that journey and alleviate the guilt and pressure you might feel when trying to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Titi has supported over 100 people in their weight loss journey and with her training as a counsellor, she offers a holistic approach in addressing the unhealthy triggers that affect emotional and physical health.

Crucial to her approach is that you do what you can, when you can. It’s not a quick fix or a go hard on yourself plan.  If all you can invest is 5 minutes a day towards a healthier you, we’ll start from there.

Need some support LOSING WEIGHT?

  • Over 30 and found that weight is harder to shift then ever?

  • Do you have children and feel busier and more tired?

  • Are you looking for support and ideas to combat binge eating? 

  • Do you want to feel more comfortable in certain clothes?

  • Do you find yourself busy taking care of others, but spend very little time taking care of you? 

  • Want to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable, rather than go on yet another diet plan?

Together, we support you in your journey through:

  • Individual coaching support

  • Receive the following:

    • Tailor made  Life Balance weekly schedule to meet your needs

    • Supportive Food Log to identify cravings and patterns of emotions

    • Templates to create Shopping Lists, Exercise Plans and Food Plans

  • Creating realistic lifestyle changes that involve:

    • Your Personal Motivation (your why); ​

    • ​A Weaning Plan - help in developing healthier habits

    • Positive Replacement Strategies when faced with cravings

    • Relapse Recovery Plan

    • Positive Self-Talk Quotes

    • Relaxation and Fun!

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