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Parent Coaching Programme

Refuelling Parents

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Resources include:

  • A four-week video series leading to a healthier family dynamic and happier you!

  • With accompanying participant workbooks for each of the four webinars. That contains valuable, interactive content, which will lead to introspection and growth.


Webinar Topics

Ben Hill, founder of Hill Dynamics shares some great insights and practical steps in a compelling and impacting series of webinars designed to help parents connect more effectively with their children and build strategies to help families exhale and recover from stress and anxiety  caused by crisis.

Family Time
  • Are you concerned your child has started to show signs of anxiety and depression during the pandemic?

  • Have you felt like you've not been as emotionally available during this time to support your children as you would like to?

  • Are you feeling frustrated about the effects that relationship tension with your spouse or partner may be having on your children?

  • Are you worried about the long term impact of what your children have experienced academically and emotionally?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of setting healthy boundaries and reasonable limits for your children?

  • Co-Parenting: How to work together without blame or judgement

  • Managing Screen Time: How to co-create reasonable limits with your children.

  • Winning Cooperation: How to listen to your children and create peaceful solutions

  • Dealing with Stress & Anxiety: How to help families exhale during times of turbulence.

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